3D Structure Creator

Create manufacturing-ready structure designs with this simple to use, browser-based solution anytime, anywhere—on any device.

Power-driven by Design in the Cloud

The 3D Structure Creator role is a browser-based 3D modeling solution with all the essentials for structure and frame design, complete with a dedicated interface and feature set tailored for designers, engineers and fabricators. Not only can you create, but you can also share, and collaborate in real time with your team, customers and clients in one simple cloud-based environment on the 3DEXPERIENCE® platform. The end result is better design and faster time to market. Need we say more?

3D Structure Creator

The Price is Right

No installation or expensive hardware. 3D Structure Creator has specific tools for structure design in one simple package, so you’re not paying for a complicated system with features you don’t need.

Onsite or In Office

Whether you are in the field or in the office, 3D Structure Creator is ideal for distributed, field or mobile teams, enabling a collaborative, fast-paced, competitive work environment.


On top of the 3D structure design capabilities that help you improve productivity, you have direct access to collaboration and data management functionality in one simple to use environment on the cloud.

The Ultimate Power Tool

3D Structure Creator is equipped with all the essentials for every step of the design stage from concept to manufacture, including the ability to:

  • Create structure members based on model edges, 2D sketch elements or curves
  • Choose profiles from a library of standard types and sizes
  • Automatically trim members at endpoints and corners
  • Automatically generate a cutlist based on the design to use for fabrication

You’re in Command

The interface, including all toolbars, context menus, and features are tailored to 3D structure design so you can stay focused. Features include:

  • Selection helper offers selections based on the current model and selections you’ve made in the past
  • The ability to visualize your final product with accuracy with customizable graphics, realistic materials, and ambiance settings
  • Intuitive commands for every part for the design process, including creating structure members and performing corner trimming

Make the Cut

3D Structure Creator has everything you need to help you, your team and your design make the cut and get products to market faster. Perks include:

  • Streamlined structure design workflows with automated functionality for adding gussets, end caps, and plates
  • Web-based collaboration tools that allow everyone e to review live design data, add comments, and create digital markups
  • Built-in data management capabilities directly integrated that don't disrupt your workflow
  • Seamless integration with other 3DEXPERIENCE Works portfolio roles, such as 3D Creator and 3D Structure Creator

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