Software Solution for Architects

Architects relied solely on hand drawings and handmade architecture models to communicate their designs in the past. With the evolution of technology and the architecture industry, architectural software like Autodesk Revit has changed the way architects plan and design buildings.

Implementing 2D and 3D home architecture software allows designers to draft at greater speed, test ideas, and determine consistent project workflows. Advancements in rendering software provide architects and their clients with the ability to visually experience designs before a project is realized.

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Excel2R imports Microsoft® Excel® spreadsheets, including style settings, into Autodesk® Revit® projects. Tables are easy to create and are synced with the Excel spreadsheet, significantly speeding up project documentation.

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Add openings in Revit® model to structural framing elements – cut holes for MEP services, doors, windows, beams & columns.

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Smart Browser is BIM software for batch Revit parameter management and easy family browsing in a quality-controlled environment. A modular approach makes it efficient and cost-effective for offices of any size that do BIM.

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T4R Productivity Suite reduces BIM stress and extends the power of Autodesk® Revit®. This collection of add-ons includes fast documentation and smart modeling extensions for all Revit users. Whether you’re an architect, structural engineer,... designer, or MEP engineer, the T4R (Tools4Revit) Suite is your all-access pass for tools that will speed up your work in Revit.

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