BIM Consulting & Support Services

BIM Consulting - Helping organizations realize the greatest benefits of BIM

GDS BIM Transformation Services help Stakeholders to realize the business benefits of Building Information Modelling (BIM) more quickly and economically. Our consulting experts guide organizations through the business and process changes and technical challenges inherent in implementing and adopting BIM so they can achieve strategic goals and attain a competitive advantage. Although change management is one of the least interested topics but our highly experienced in-house team of experts apply their extensive knowledge of the built environment to deliver coordinated models compliant with BIM Level 2/3 protocol & PAS 1192 requirements for data management. Or NBIMS version 3.

Benefits of our approach.
  • Plan more effectively for better results by aligning BIM Strategy with organisational goals.
  • Accelerate implementation while Mitigating BIM Adoption Risk.
  • Customised BIM Process Documents- Organisational BIM Strategy, Project BIM Implementation Plan, Clash Detection Strategy & Matrix, BIM Electronic data management Strategy, Collaboration plan, Team and project based workflow.
  • BIM Project Handholding, Monitoring and Pilot Project Training.
  • Empower Organizations to leverage new solutions by incorporating BIM Based Automations.
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BIM Strategy Documents management

  • Project Implementation Plan (PIP)/Project Execution plan (PEP).
  • BIM Modeling strategy
  • BIM Collaboration plan
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BIM Mandate Training

  • BIM Modeling and Management Based upon ISO Standards
  • UKBIM Lev-2 and NBS
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Advanced BIM Tool Training

  • Dynamo BIM Process Automation.
  • Landscaping in BIM Environment.
  • Sustainability in BIM Environment.
  • BIM Facility Management Model Creations.
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BIM-enhanced life-cycle management.

  • Lean BIM Construction Process.
  • BIM Use in Augmented and Virtual Reality environment.
  • BIM Use in Scan to BIM Environment.
  • BIM Use with Process Automation
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Authoring and Managing tool template creation

  • Navisworks manage template
  • Revit Templates (Architecture, Structure, MEP, System’s, Etc…)
  • CDE Templates based on UKBIM lev-2 Workflow or NBIMS workflow.
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BIM Tool and Team Collaboration.

  • BIM Collaboration for Design Stakeholders (Arch. + Stru + MEP+ Landscaping)
  • BIM Collaboration for Fabrication and Design team. (MEP fabrication, Structural Fabrication, architectural fabrication.)
  • BIM Collaboration for all Stakeholders (Arch + Stru + MEP + Landscaping + Planning + Costing +Management)
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BIM in facility management or Asset Management. (CAFM/MMS)

  • BIM Based Facility Management Process and Procedure.
  • Scan to BIM and Cobie Integration.
  • Create real-time bi-directional links between BIM model and FM Cloud applications.
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BIM 360 Implementation and integration.

  • BIM 360 Documents Implementation
  • BIM 360 Design Implementation
  • BIM 360 Glue Implementation.
  • BIM 360 Build Implementation