Collaborative Designer for SOLIDWORKS

Connect your SOLIDWORKS CAD to the cloud to enhance collaboration and accelerate product development.

Cloud-connected Data Benefits All

The Collaborative Designer for SOLIDWORKS® role connects SOLIDWORKS CAD to the 3DEXPERIENCE® platform, making real-time data easily accessible to everyone on the design team. By connecting design work to the cloud, designers can continue to use the SOLIDWORKS CAD they know and love, while collaborating in real time to instantly leverage the expertise of their team, resulting in faster, more accurate product development. Data is right at their fingertips anytime, on any internet-enabled device.


Get More in the Cloud

Once your license is activated, you’re ready to deploy and move projects forward in the cloud. And, you can easily take advantage of all the design roles in the 3DEXPERIENCE Works portfolio.

Simple Collaboration

All team members can share, iterate, compare, explore, and edit data all in one place—creating an easy-to-follow, streamlined workflow.

Single Source of Truth

Data and lifecycle management capabilities ensure you and your team are always working on real-time data and the most up-to-date file versions.

Securely Save and Share SOLIDWORKS 3D Models

From your SOLIDWORKS environment you can easily save your parts, assemblies and drawings to the 3DEXPERIENCE platform, enabling you to:

  • Easily manage, organize, and share 3D models across the enterprise
  • Find, visualize and select 3D content to load into SOLIDWORKS directly from a web browser or from SOLIDWORKS desktop
  • Effectively collaborate by sharing designs with all of the stakeholders and non-CAD users at every stage of the design process
  • Access the information and provide feedback, anytime, from any location on any connected device

Best-in-Class, Browser-based Data Management

Access the power of the 3DEXPERIENCE platform where you can manage 3D models and product lifecycles through your browser or SOLIDWORKS environment and:

  • Perform lifecycle operations, work on change actions, leverage collaborative tasks, and organize using bookmarks
  • Manage multi-CAD and multidisciplinary data from early stage to the final validation all the way to production
  • Search, explore, select relevant design contexts, and perform lifecycle operations including revise, release, and lock/unlock
  • Manage your data without disrupting your design workflow.

Stay Focused on What You do Best – Design

With Collaborative Designer for SOLIDWORKS, you can continue to work in SOLIDWORKS and access the capabilities of the 3DEXPERIENCE platform, where you can:

  • Search, access, explore, organize and manage your design data directly from SOLIDWORKS
  • Visualize and explore multi-CAD product structures, and navigate product structures to see designs and related changes
  • Create web-based 3D digital mockups and conduct design reviews
  • Use data in other 3DEXPERIENCE Works roles and for downstream applications, such as for simulation, manufacturing, etc.

Are You Ready to Step up to the Cloud?

Start reaping the benefits of the cloud today and open your world to a whole new portfolio of tools in the 3DEXPERIENCE Works portfolio.