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A changing world is placing greater demands on the engineering process. Products and experiences are getting more complex, while performance and quality targets are becoming more demanding. 3DExperience CATIA enables engineers to meet these challenges by rapidly developing high-quality mechanical products.

Mechanical engineers equipped with CATIA 3D Modeling tools can gain insights into key factors of quality and performance early in the product development phase. Digital prototyping, combined with digital analysis and simulation, allows product development teams to virtually create and analyze a mechanical product in its operating environment.

CATIA powered by the 3DExperience platform on the cloud enables engineers to create any type of 3D assembly in a highly productive and intuitive environment, for a wide range of engineering processes.


3DExperience CATIA allows you to create anything you want without limits.

CATIA geometrical modeler lets you complete highly complex mechanical products and parts with great accuracy, from concept to detailing.

To that end, the most comprehensive process coverage is available, including high-quality surface and part design, assembly creation, mechanism motion, 3D mock-up review and drawing generation.

With 3DExperience CATIA you are sure to get the best geometry accuracy for part and tooling surfaces. It also guarantees you the highest level of performance even if you work on very heavy models with thousands of features or parts.

  • Increase your mechanical & advanced shape product design quality.
  • Work on large assemblies with flexibility.
  • Accelerate detailed design of the rough parts and check the feasibility to ensure the manufacturing requirements are met.
  • Design and animate complex kinematic mechanisms.
  • Accelerate your design process with natural manipulations and contextual interactions.
  • Reduce time-to-market by designing right the first time.


Efficient and seamless collaboration is essential in every team. With 3DExperience CATIA’s powerful database platform, colleagues, suppliers and external partners can innovate together more efficiently and effortlessly. This results in compressed cycle times and fewer late changes.

With 3DExperience CATIA you and your team are always sure to access and share the latest version of your data. Different stakeholders are able to work in parallel on the same project, and save their modifications at the same time.

If you need different stakeholders to have different access rights, you can do that too. Whether they are reviewers or providers, they will see only the parts they need for their work but will not see the overall product. They can have some read rights on some parts and some modify rights on some other parts. You can easily manage all access rights on the platform. If you want to add people who are external to your project at a later date, it's also easy to do this thanks to the simple user and license management in the platform.

  • Work in parallel on the same product and share your 3D models easily.
  • Enable product review: detect and track interferences, check the weight distribution and analyze the digital mock-up with relevant engineering data.
  • Create product manufacturing information through the full definition of 3D tolerances and annotations in the same model.
  • Protect engineering intellectual property by securing access to your projects based on different profiles.
  • Scale depending on your needs.

Why should you choose 3DExperience CATIA


Reduce design cost, shorten time to market and enhance quality with powerful web-based 3D design and collaboration applications.


A powerful set of applications built to create and manage sophisticated mechanical projects


  • Create any type of 3D part, from rough 3D sketches to fully detailed industrial assemblies.
  • Unbreakable relational design — a new way to manage links between objects and related behaviors in configured assemblies.
  • Enables a smooth evolution from 2D - to 3D-based design methodologies.
  • Productive and consistent drawing update removes the need for additional user operations.
  • Process oriented tools capture the manufacturing process intent in the early stages of design.
  • A wide range of applications for tooling design, for generic tooling in in addition to mold and die.
  • Advanced technologies for mechanical surfacing, based on a powerful specification-driven modeling approach
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