Subscription/Rental Licensing

Annual subscriptions are the most commonly used way to access PROKON software. Multi-year subscriptions are available upon request.

Perpetual Licensing

Perpetual licensing is available on individual modules. To benefit from any updates, ensure that your perpetual licenses are maintained. If your maintenance lapses, you will still have access to your software; however, no other benefits will apply. Four years after purchase of a perpetual license or the last maintenance, all support or help from PROKON will lapse.

*PLEASE NOTE: All up to date or maintained software benefits from basic support.

Benefits of PROKON’s License Structure

  • Stand-alone and Network licenses are priced the same
  • License management is made easy with our License Manager
    • – Users are registered through their email address
    • – Usage logs are kept and can be easily accessed
    • – Administrators and Managers can determine access and usage
  • Volume discount applies to all license models
  • Single expiry date eliminates contractual difficulties

Have Questions About Prokon ?

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