AGACAD is the developer of the world’s widest range of true BIM software for Revit® professionals. Its solutions –with 13,000+ users in over 130 countries– share top practitioners’ insights and automate best practices in a spirit of ‘Building BIM Together’. The focus is on three areas –BIM Content Management & Classification, BIM for Prefabrication Construction, and Digital Asset Inventories & BIM for Facility Management– with advanced technologies for the design of wood structures (including CLT, SIPS, and heavy-timber framing), metal structures (including ventilated facades and curtain walls and panels), precast concrete, hangers and supports, MEP openings, and sprinklers, and for BIM data management.


How do we do it?

Our work is driven by customer needs. We meet those by developing T4R© (Tools 4 Revit®) extensions and BIM Solutions.

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We eliminate unnecessary BIM tasks (check out “What is BIM” here). That saves our clients’ time and money. And that in turn lets them focus on work that actually creates value.

As energetic and visionary engineers with expertise in CAD, BIM, and software development, we create solutions to accelerate BIM based on the insights and experience of the world’s leading BIM practitioners. In this way we help reduce stress in BIM processes while boosting the safety and payback of related investments.

We create solutions for continual BIM acceleration, ensuring that clients can finish their projects on time, on budget, and at the highest quality standards. That means greater profit and less stress for BIM users.

Unlike consultants who make clients adapt to their own methodology, we gather insights and experience from the world’s most advanced BIM professionals in order to develop cutting-edge solutions and deliver them to fit each client’s needs and financial capacity.

Our customer community thus has access to a large knowledge base of best BIM practices, making it easier for them to bring BIM to life.

Whom do we work with?

We serve BIM professionals and decision makers around the world, adding value and safety to the Building Information Modeling process that is changing how buildings and infrastructure are planned, designed, built, and managed.

More specifically we work with:

Architects, Structural Engineers, and MEP Engineers

  • Productivity-boosting software for working in Autodesk® Revit®
  • Projects done on time at the highest quality
  • More time for creativity and engineering work instead of drafting

BIM Managers

  • BIM done as-needed
  • Easier BIM data analysis and management without wasting time on manual data extraction
  • Projects done on time at the highest quality

Owners and Managers of AEC Companies

  • Safer investments
  • Reduced project delivery time
  • ROI confidence for those transitioning from CAD to BIM

Our values

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We are qualified engineers, programmers, and BIM experts who have been working in the CAD/BIM market since 1991.

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Living BIM

We base our work on the real-life experience of the world’s most advanced BIM organizations, whom we serve by developing BIM solutions tailored to their needs.

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Customer alignment

We develop BIM tools based on the wish lists of our existing customers.

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We say and do what we mean.

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We strive to respond thoughtfully and considerately to the needs of every client.

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We actively support the development of a BIM industry that offers benefits to all.

Best BIM practices. They’re built right into our solutions.

We develop ways to speed up design and facilitate BIM processes in response to the real needs of our customers and by incorporating their know-how.

The result? Cutting-edge software.

What are the benefits of choosing to work with AGACAD?

  • Less stress in daily work
  • Faster design completion
  • Continual BIM acceleration
  • Easier BIM
  • Savings of time and money
  • Increased profitability of projects
  • ROI satisfaction

For the good of the BIM industry

We actively support progress in the BIM industry, seeking to ensure a market that offers benefits for all. Together we can make BIM better. Together we can build up the BIM industry.

Progress toward an authentic BIM industry is the responsibility of all in the AEC sectors. Many have already decided to transition to BIM with AGACAD and regularly request further product development. Not only do these companies benefit from continual BIM acceleration in their projects, but they also contribute to the overall growth of BIM.

It’s time to work together for the sake of the new BIM industry!

We welcome your ideas and requests concerning further development of our products.