Enovia PLM Implementation

ENOVIA PLM Implementation for your PLM Needs!

We offer a robust portfolio of services to assist with the implementation of ENOVIA PLM. Enovia PLM enables you to benefit from the true rewards of collaboration.

Our PLM services cover:

  • Implementation
  • Maintenance and Support
  • Training
  • CAD/Enterprise Integrations

PLM Project Methodology


Initiation & Training

  • Team setup
  • Detailed project plan
  • Key user introductory training

Data Mapping

  • Project Kick-Off
  • Process & data mapping Interface definition
  • Architecture definition
  • Commence Customer Interface Building
  • Customer test environment

Data Collection and Loading

  • Data collection
  • Data loading
  • Data cleansing


  • Analysis: Day in the life vs model
  • Update BMD
  • Update QID


  • System Modeling
  • Interface development
  • Knowledge completion
  • Test plan preparation

Iterative Development

  • Iterative testing
  • Iterative modeling
  • Integration testing
  • Implementation plan preparation


  • End user training
  • Parallel production testing
  • Going live

Post Go-Live Support

  • Support
  • KPI monitoring

ENOVIA | Portfolio Themes and Disciplines



Application Development
Customization and Deployment
System Exchange

Collaborative Product Development

Configured Product Development
Engineering BOM Management
3D Product Intelligence
Semiconductor & SoC Design Collaboration

Enterprise Planning & Collaboration

Product Portfolio Planning
Program & Project Management
Secured Collaboration

Global Sourcing & Value Network

Strategic Sourcing & Supply Network
Component Sourcing & Standardization

Total Quality

Quality & Certification
Quality & Regulatory for Medical Device

Collaborative Innovation

Collaborative Business Innovation
Collaborative Industry Innovation



  • Collaboration: Streamline communication, break down silos across systems and disciplines to foster innovation
  • Productivity: Connect everyone with a single, multi-disciplinary product definition to maximize contributions and reduce errors
  • Speed: Get to market faster, with higher quality products.
  • Agility: React quickly to changes in the market to improve your competitiveness
  • Visibility: Plan your definition of success, connect stakeholders, and access real-time information to make smarter and faster decisions
  • Alignment: Bring everyone together to plan – and realize – your definition of success.