Connect and collaborate in a single platform on the cloud, enabling your entire organization to stay up to date and innovate

Stay Connected, Succeed

Part of the 3DEXPERIENCE® Works portfolio, the 3DSwymer role digitally connects all users through powerful apps and services, providing an immersive space where they can collaborate, experiment, and create together. Utilizing the power of the cloud-based 3DEXPERIENCE platform, companies can keep employees, suppliers, partners and customers in the loop, across the globe, anytime, anywhere and on any connected device.


Work from Anywhere

Whether it’s in the comfort of your own home or in the office, 3DSwymer offers remote access from anywhere in the world, on your device of choice, right from your browser.

Connect in the Cloud

Add the power of collaboration and data sharing on the 3DEXPERIENCE platform, and create a hub for all your information in a secure, convenient place where you can collaborate on the cloud anytime.

Get Social

Create social communities, assign tasks, and capture knowledge using blogs, chats, and video calls to interact with your peers and increase productivity.

Apps for All- from Design to Market

3DSwymer is equipped with easy-to-find and easy-to-use apps so you can quickly get tasks done, including:

  • 3DDashboard- Create dashboards for personalized views for up-to-date information relevant to you, your teams, and executives
  • 3DSwym environment- Leverage your communities to share expertise, knowledge, and skills; assign tasks and much more
  • 3DPlay- an intuitive viewer where CAD models can be visualized, rotated, panned, sectioned, measured, and annotated
  • 3DDrive- Securely store, manage, and share files with other designers for editing or for suppliers to preview

Something for Everyone

Whether you’re a designer, an engineer, or manager, 3DSwymer has tools that will benefit you. Highlights include:

  • Product design managers can assign projects and quickly create a task and monitor the progress of the tasks
  • Designers and engineers can collaborate with all departments to get feedback on designs or share an idea in a 3DSwym community
  • Powerful search capabilities using 3DSearch using who, what, when, etc. to narrow down search results
  • Seamless integration with other 3DEXPERIENCE Works design roles, offering concurrent design between disciplines

Everyone Wins

It’s a team effort and 3DSwymer helps your entire organization effectively communicate and collaborate. Key benefits include:

  • Collaborate in a single environment where you can securely share and store SOLIDWORKS® data and other files, and use other roles
  • Access all capabilities needed for collaboration in one platform. No need to switch between multiple disconnected tools anymore
  • Innovate with a higher degree of confidence by engaging stakeholders early in the design process
  • Improve productivity across the board by sharing securely and easily, spending less time updating data and managing status

Are You Ready to Improve the Way You Communicate?

It's a collaboration tool more than communication.